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ABEL - Via L. Gallucci , 97 - 88900
Crotone (Kr) - ITALIA
Telefono: +39 338 5950707
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Settembre 2019
after few years busy with ROV services, we are back on our core businnes, ROV TRAINING

Novembre 2018
Abel develop HD CAM 2K-201, HD camera run on cupper plug&play on ROV Falcon Seaeye

January 2013
New Seaeye Falcon 12304 delivered with Imaginex Sonar and Manip

November 2011
Contract with Jan De Nul to pivide ROV Training

October 2010
Contract with Micoperi Srl for TDP monitoring in Egypt.

May 2010
Contract with Interdive Service (Russia) to supply ROV Training.
First 5 Russian student in Crotone

March 2010
Contract with Inmare srl, inspection on Liscione Dam.
800 mts of penetration in 2500 mm pipe.

December 2009
Contract with Micoperi, ROV services and personnel
Riser installation PTF PTSE2 - Egypt

November 2009

New LARS and TMS for the Falcon

May 2009
Read about us on Seaeye ( /whatsnew.html) and on Marine Technology ( read the news - Download magazine )

March 2009
The course of March 2009 has finished, the first one carried out with a Seaeye Falcon ROV. The system has been very much appreciated by Trainees for its high efficiency.

Febbraio 2009
The Seaeye Falcon ROV n.12161 has been delivered to Abel! This system is widely used in offshore operations.

January 2009
The course of January 2009 has finished. A failure in the E-Pod of the Nautec Cygnus ROV has been the occasion for a real maintenance operation. Trainees were very satisfied, and have experimented what means working for 12 hours in bad weather conditions.


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