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    Small Observer Class ROV Video Ray Deep Blue  
VideoRay Deep Blue Data Sheet Abel Deep Blue

VideoRay Deep Blue, 305 mt depth rating , small and fast.

Abel ROV VideoRay Deep Blue
Abel ROV VideoRay Deep Blue

The Deep Blue is depth rated to 305 m. Greater Thrust Option. Like the Pro 3 XE, the Deep Blue is also PC computer control enabled, allowing operators to control the Deep Blue using wireless game controllers. The Deep Blue can even be controlled by software applications or remotely via a network.

The Deep Blue can easily accommodate modular instrumentation and tools such as: scanning or imaging sonar for low visibility environments; manipulator for object retrieval or intervention; positioning system for exhaustive area searches; water quality sensor, metal thickness gauge, and more. The Tether Deployment System (TDS) is included for quick coiling and recoiling of the tether.

Video Ray Deep Blue system features:
• 305 m max depth
• Sonar Panoramico Tritech Micron
• Color camera higt resolution with tilt ±90 gradi