Sea Tecnologies

 ROV Training Division
ABEL - Via L. Gallucci, 97 - 88900
Crotone (Kr) - ITALIA
Telefono: +39 338 5950707
Fax: +39 (0)2 700404733

    M/V Sea Explorer  

The Abel M/V Sea Explorer vessel is used to support subsea interventions and surveys.

The electric installation has been completely renewed and a 9kW generator installed, thus allowing an excellent power capacity and the integrated use of several instruments.
Large work surfaces for monitors and equipments are available in the lower cabin and in the steerage area.
In addition, 20m2 and 11m3 are available respectively on aft deck and in the afterhold.
Roll bars with moving jibs and electric winches for launch and haulage of instruments (ROV, SideScanSonar, Magnetometer, Single/Multi Beam, SubBottomProfiler) are installed, with a Safe Working Load of 300 Kg.
The vessel is also equipped with a two-berth cabin, toilet and small kitchen.


Abel ROV Sea Explorer
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