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    Observer Class ROV Seaeye Falcon  
Falcon Data Sheet Abel Seaeye Falcon

The Seaeye Falcon is a powerful and portable ROV, suitable for a variety of observation and inspection tasks both inshore and offshore. The ROV is particularly suited to rig support operations, where it sets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Abel ROV Seaeye Falcon
Abel ROV Seaeye Falcon con Manipolatore

The Abel Seaeye Falcon system is specifically configured for inspection and drill support markets, as well as for scientific and environmental surveys. The system is available for ROV services in free fly configuration or housed
in a 15 ft. container, integrating a launch & recovery system. This all-in-one configuration allows an easy deployment to a platform or vessel, reducing safety risks and mob/demob time.

Abel Seaeye Falcon system features:
  • 300 m depth rating
  • Panoramic Sonar Tritech Sea Prince
  • High Resolution Color Camera that can be tilted ±90 degrees
  • Very low light B/W Camera (0,0005 lux) that can be tilted ±90 degrees
  • 16 kg pay load
  • 50 kgf thrust forward, ratio weight/power 1:1