Sea Tecnologies

 ROV Training Division
ABEL - Via L. Gallucci, 97 - 88900
Crotone (Kr) - ITALIA
Telefono: +39 0962 1916059
Fax: +39 02 700404733


Are you looking for a stimulating career, well paid,
that can take you all over the world and is at the forefront of technology?
Are you interested in robotics?

If the answer is yes, then a career as ROV Pilot/Technician could be the right choice for you.
Most people associate the ROV world with the Oil industry, and many ROV pilots do actually work in this sector. However, ROV’s are increasingly being used in the hydro industry, the defence and security sector, environmental sciences and archaeology, civil engineering work.

It could be the right moment to make a change in your life and start working as ROV Pilot.