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 ROV Training Division
ABEL - Via L. Gallucci, 97 - 88900
Crotone (Kr) - ITALIA
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    Forum & FAQ  

It’s almost one year that the “ROV in Italia” FORUM has been started, and it now gives a lot of informations, discussions and news about ROV’s, including questions about courses and comments from trainees.
We wish this forum to become a meeting point for all the Italian ROV pilots operating around the world, and for those interested in getting into ROV’s. Although discussions are often in Italian, we encourage the presence of topics in English language.

Here is a summary of frequently asked questions

Q: which kind of certification is obtained at the end of the course?
Abel, as IMCA ROV Contractor, provides a certificate of attendance and the IMCA ROV Personnel Logbook, documenting the acquisition of competencies required by IMCA for an ROV Pilot/Technician Grade II

Q: which kind of career can I expect, and what is the probability to get a job?
: You can likely expect a career in the Oil & Gas industry, but many opportunities are also found in the hydro industry, the defence and security sector, environmental sciences and archaeology, civil engineering work. Knowledge of English language, electronics and previous experience in offshore environments are with no doubt an asset.